The goal of the Open Educational Resource “CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY introduction” realized by the Pula Open University,CROATIA is to answer the questions below. 
You’ll find the right answers within: Video Lecture, Deepenings, Web References, Further Readings.Enjoy yourself!


  1. Provide the definition of sustainable development
  2. Provide the definition of corporate social responsibility
  3. Explain the interrelatedness of the two
  4. What is the main difference between defensive and offensive CSR?
  5. What is ISO 26000?
  6. List the main areas of CSR based on the ISO 26000.
  7. What is the appropriate implementation model for CSR?
  8. Are there any prerequisites for the efficient implementation of CSR?
  9. List some of the interested stakeholders from internal and some from external organizational environment.
  10. List some of the benefits of implementing CSR.