The goal of the module “Customer Development” realized by YUNUS SOCIAL BUSINESS – Albania is to answer the questions below. 
You’ll find the right answers within: Video Lecture, Deepenings, Web References, Further Readings.  Enjoy yourself!

Obiettivo del modulo “customer development” realizzato da YUNUS SOCIAL BUSINESS – Albania è di riuscire a rispondere alle seguenti domande.
Troverai le risposte seguendo: Video Lecture (video lezioni), Deepenings (approfondimenti), Web References (sitografia), Further Readings (letture consigliate). Buon divertimento!


  1. What are assumptions? How can you validate them?
  2. What is a customer profile? What are the key reasons for developing them?
  3. What is a problem theory?
  4. What is a customer theory and how are they different?
  5. What is a user journey mapping?
  6. What are 2 kinds of data and how are they different?
  7. What are the techniques of developing different kinds of data?
  8. What is the theory of 5 why’s?