The goal of the module “Financial Statements Introduction” realized by YUNUS SOCIAL BUSINESS – Albania is to answer the questions below. 
You’ll find the right answers within: Video Lecture, Deepenings, Web References, Further Readings.  Enjoy yourself!

Obiettivo del modulo “Financial Statements Introduction” realizzato da YUNUS SOCIAL BUSINESS – Albania è di riuscire a rispondere alle seguenti domande.
Troverai le risposte seguendo: Video Lecture (video lezioni), Deepenings (approfondimenti), Web References (sitografia), Further Readings (letture consigliate). Buon divertimento!


  1. What does each of the Financial Statements represent?
  2. What are the conditions of an item appearing on the Income Statement?
  3. How are Costs of Goods Sold (COGS) and Operating Expenses (OpEx) different?
  4. Why should the Balance Sheet balance?
  5. Why might a company choose to prepay expenses; why are they considered an asset?
  6. How do Deferred Revenue and Deferred Tax Liability arise?
  7. Why does the Cash Flow Statement exist and what are its main components?
  8. Why are non-cash expenses added back on the Cash Flow Statement?