The goal of the module “Social Business” realized by YUNUS SOCIAL BUSINESS – Albania is to answer the questions below. 
You’ll find the right answers within: Video Lecture, Deepenings, Web References, Further Readings.  Enjoy yourself!

Obiettivo del modulo “Social Business” realizzato da YUNUS SOCIAL BUSINESS – Albania è di riuscire a rispondere alle seguenti domande.
Troverai le risposte seguendo: Video Lecture (video lezioni), Deepenings (approfondimenti), Web References (sitografia), Further Readings (letture consigliate). Buon divertimento!


  1. 1. What are the different kinds of Social Business Models?
  2. What social model does your business mostly focus on?
  3. Where is your impact on the BMC?
  4. Please explain your:
    – Problem
    – Beneficiaries(Who?)
    – Reason(Why?)
    – Solution (Consequences?)
  5. What challenges can you face?